Payment Options

Law Firm's and Professional Agencies, we happily accept:

Company Checks

Credit Cards (with an additional 3% charge)

Cashiers Checks

Zelle Transfers

Private Individuals, we happily accept:


Cashier's Check

Money Order

Credit Cards (with an additional 3% charge)

Zelle Transfers

For all checks and money orders, please make checks payable to: 

Harman Process Serving

(A $35 fee will be charged to the client if the check bounces or is canceled. Future checks will not be accepted unless they are certified cashiers checks.)

For Zelle transfers, send payments to:

For Credit Cards, please call us at:

(619) 754-4300

(Private Individuals: All payments must be made in full at time of receiving the Service of Process. Service will not begin until payment is made in full and verified.)